Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who Knew...

I can't believe that summer is officially over for me and that I can't say I did a whole lot yet but I have had my life change so much. I never imagined having a baby would do this to someone. I never knew that in my heart I could love someone the way I do. Its officially here and Im not doing well. Today was the first day of school I have returned back to work and my heart is breaking. I am so greatful to have grandmas tending for most of the week and greatful for the other babysitter I know she will be great. I know so many people do this but I don't see how they do it....

McCrae is 8 weeks old TODAY and we go in for his checkup tomorrow. I am so afraid he isn't growing and I am constantly trying to weigh him. He is now out of his newborn clothes and wearing 0-3 finally-it seemed he wore the same 4 outfits over and over and over again! He first smiled at Grandma Becky when he was 5 weeks old and it was so amazing to see -- he is now smiling all the time you just can't get him to do it consistently. He loves his baths and I love that time too he is so relaxed when he is in the water its so cute. He loves his swing most of the time and he now watches the mobile above his head. He loves his binky and its a weird one I don't know what to do when we loose it, cause I have no idea what brand it is. It is so cute to see how much all his cousins love him -- I can't wait till they all play together. I love spending time with him and just watching him all the time and seeing how much he has changed. He still has tons of hair and most the time its out of control and I hope he doesn't loose it. We still sometimes struggle thru the nights sometimes one night he wakes up only once the next night he wakes up every couple hours, we are still both trying to adjust. No matter what, I still think he is the cutest baby ever and I love him so much. Tomorrow is the first day at the babysitters and Im hoping I can make it!
Who wouldn't wanna wake up to see that!
He reminds me of a little man

Fell asleep in the swing. Hes so precious!