Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Big Update!!

So I haven't updated by blog in quite sometime so I thought I would catch up. Well March went by super fast Brynne turned six and we had a little party for her at the roller skating ring. Happy Birthday Brynners! Before we knew it April had come and we were moving out of our little house into the house right next door which isn't a ton better but it has more room which is nice and I have to say that I actually have a bathroom and counter to put my straightner on and not have to use the washing machine as my counter. I also have a seperate laundry room and well no more orange carpet or pink walls! I have to say that everyday I drive past my little old house and get a little sad I think its so cute!! And well thats where my firsts were thats the house we went to after we got married thats where I called home for the last 1 1/2 years, and although people always wondered how we could live there...I did love it and it was home for me. Thanks to Greg's aunt for letting us live there. We are starting to get the hang of living in this other house and although it doesn't quite feel like home its getting there. We have lived here for about a month and its growing on both of us.

Easter was here we got to go do Quality Days which is my favorite thing about Easter time because of the hot dogs although I do have to say this year they didn't taste the same! We went out to the sand dunes with my family and had a good time. I wanted so badly to roll down the sandhill but stopped myself and let Kristi enjoy herself while she tumbled her way down!Greg thought he was pretty neat doing tricks

I think my dad even enjoyed himself!!


My parents bought us a really nice bedroom set and we are just loving it. Greg even said how he had never had anything this nice before. Thanks mom and dad for spoiling us!

Brittyn turned one on April 27th!! She is growing up so fast I can't believe it. We tried having a bbq at the park but got a little rained out so we went to Kristis for cake and presents.

So today was a sad day for me...Our dog Jager died. Greg called me first thing this morning to see if I had seen the dog when I left for work. I told him I hadn't and he said hmm...well its missing. Not thinking much of it until 5 hours later when he called to tell me he seen it on the side of the freeway dead, I bawled. Yes I cried over our dog! I loved this dog. When me and Greg first got married I picked up some random dog from random rodeo thing and it was the worst dog ever well Greg ran over it and although I felt bad I didn't care and I told Greg we are not replacing it....Well because he listens so well a couple weeks later I come home to a new puppy and well he has been the best dog ever! Greg was starting to get frustrated with him and Sox (Greg's other dog) cause they kept running off. Well us living not far from the freeway it was an easy run away for them I guess...I just can't figure out why he had to get hit. I kept telling Greg I didn't think it was him and that he would be home when I got home from work. If Greg left them while he was at work the dogs were always so excited to greet me when I got you guessed he wasn't here today. Well Greg went and got him from the side of the freeway and we buried him here in the back yard. I sure will miss our Jager Meister. Don't listen to the video its embarrassing but I just did it the other day and sent it to Greg cause I felt bad that the dogs had been alone all day. Who loves animals this much...I never knew I did!

As for me and the alien growing inside of me (ok I know its not an alien but I have to tell you that sometimes thats what it feels like) Im now 31 weeks, huge and loving it, and the Dr. even says everything is looking good. We still don't have a name picked out so for all those who think we do Im telling you the truth WE REALLY DON'T. Any suggestions would be nice!

As for people being pregnant...I think I need to congratulate a few of you. First congratulations to my older sister Wendi she is due the first part of October and to Amanda and Teresa. I am so happy for all of you and can't wait that my little guy will have friends all over the place!