Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

It was my moms birthday on the 4th and believe it or not this is the first time I have been on here since then to post about it. We didn't get to spend the day with my mom on her birthday cause my dad made her go with him, but last night on what would have been my grandmas birthday me and Kristi got to take her to dinner! We had the nicest waitor which honestly was a little cheesy but he was so nice that when I left it made me think are people really that happy? I should be nicer! I do have a good life I should show that I appreciate it more and stop complaining, I will probably never be as nice or cheesy as him though;) but I will try.

Anyways to my mom I hope you had a great birthday! When I was a young bratty teen I never would have thought I would ever say this but now can say it and know its true, you really are my best friend and I love you so much! Thanks for being the best mom and friend I could ask for!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This year we did the roller skating party again it was alot of fun for those of us who showed up!...not as many people showed up as last year, so for those of you who didn't come...SHAME ON YOU! Thanks Britt and Jess who did an awesome job putting it together and who also had awesome costumes as usual! My mom gave me an idea which wouldn't cost no money and would be easy I made them 20 minutes before the party...ha ha for those of you who can't tell what we are. We are supposed to be salt and pepper! When we finally got there Greg came up with a good idea and said we should have wore metal strainers that actually maybe would have been smart but too bad he didn't tell me sooner! He didn't want to go anyways cause of an argument we have been having..but he came and was a good sport! Kristi came and brought her kids. Danny was an animal on skates too bad I didn't get any pictures! Kailyn was pretty good too I don't think she came off the rink for more than 10 minutes while we were there. They even had skates that Morgyn could wear! I know Kristi was uncomftorable being there, but I loved having her there!

Nurse Brittyn!

Greg trying to help Morgyn stay up

Chad and Laura - Garth and Wayne!


On Halloween I had to work I didn't dress up I did my hair somewhat crazy and when I left the house Greg asked if I was going to wear my hair like that to the game I explained to him that by the end of the day my hair would be normal again and sure enough it flattened clear out. I left work early and we rode over with Gregs mom to Manti to the football game and watched them slaugther us. We came home and went to the Holden ward party it was fun to see all the little kids all dressed up and playing games it reminded me of the Leamington ward party they used to have. We did have a few trick or treaters when we got home more than I had expected! These were the last ones to drop in at about 9:30 so I had to get a picture:) Thanks for stopping by on your way to Richfield!

This ones for the girls!

I have an amazing family made up of GIRLS! Our lucky father right? I have an amazing mom who I would be lost without and two fantastic sisters and even though we sometimes fight we always know we can walk away best friends. My two sisters have given me 5 nieces who each one of them are so different and have such different personalities which makes me love them all so much! I am so blessed to be so close to my family and have us live close so that we can all get together and do things!

we got together during the deer hunt for the craft fairs

we went to the park!!