Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!

My moms birthday was on the 4th and I just wanted to wish her a happy birthday. I hope she had a great day:) My mom is a great mom and she helps me so much I could never thank her enough. I hope she knows how much I love her and appreciate her she truly is my best friend! Love you mom!

4 and 1/2 months

McCrae had his 4 month check up the other day and everything looked great! He weighed 16.7 lbs and was in the 65% and was 26 in. long in the 85%. He gets more fun every day! I love him so much. He is such a happy little guy and is always smiling, I just hope he stays this happy:)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

4 Months!!

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Our little McCrae is 4 months today and I can hardly believe it. This morning when we were still all laying in bed I looked at him and he just looked so old. It makes me sad I don't want him to get any bigger - yet at the same time I get so excited for all the new milestones to come. As we were driving today Me and Greg were talking about how crazy it is that 4 months have already flown by. It seems like forever ago that we brought him home from the hospital and the love we have for him just keeps getting stronger. He started laughing a few weeks ago and I promise you it makes my day. He is still just as happy as can be and I am loving every minute of it!


Kristi celebrated her birthday over here in Fillmore at the good ole PARADISE! She insisted on these pictures so here ya go!

GREG GOT A DEER!! YEAH:) 33 1/2 inches!
Its a big one and hes quite proud!

As for me -- I guess as others are saying that I am just being a paranoid new mom who is afraid of GERMS; and if you ask me, I am, but I think I have every right to be! I also hate others raising my child and if I knew I could make it without my job I would quit in a heartbeat. My child will not live a sheltered life I can promise you that but I am going to try my best this sick season to keep him well. I shouldn't feel like I am an idiot for caring and loving my baby:)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So much!!

Well once again I will repeat myself and say that how fast time flies but it really does. McCrae is now 3 months old and although for quite sometime I kept thinking he wasn't growing and I am now seeing how much he has! Life definatly is starting to run more smoothly I think I am starting to get the hang of being a mom. I still hate everyday going to work and taking him other places but I guess thats just part of life and Im slowly getting adjusted.

---So much has happened this last month so here is a catch up---

-Wendi and Danny both celebrated their birthdays! Hope you had great days:)

-McCrae was blessed on Sunday September 6th by Uncle Brian, who did a great job.

-- Greg and I just finished playing co-ed softball in both Fillmore and Delta. We placed 1st in the Fillmore league and took 1st in the Delta league as well, but I must mention we were in the lower division. But who cares right? We both love playing softball and its something that we both enjoy doing. I must admit its been different since having McCrae but thank goodness for family and friends who helped watch him when we were both playing.
Our #1 Fan

--Congratulations to Wendi and John for the birth of their new baby girl. Who was born this last Monday. She is so precious and so cute and has the cutest cheeks anyone could see. We went over and seen her and took the two babies pictures by each other. It is so crazy to think that just a few months ago McCrae was that small -- I promise I don't remember it. I am so so happy that my little one is going to have so many cousins surrouding him on both sides.

**3 Months**

- Rolls from stomach to back
- Smiles really big
- Once he gets talking doesn't like to stop and sometimes gets really loud
- Is getting so much stronger with holding his head.
- Slept 6.5 hrs two different nights (Made my day and night!!)
- Is starting to grab at the toys on his bouncer.
- Pulls the saddest face before he cries
- Still hasn't lost his hair -- its thinned a little bit but its still all there!
- We are just loving every minute of life with our little guy and couldn't ask for anything more!

Picture overload of our little man

He is always so happy!!

Talking up a storm:)

Little Guy!

Getting ready to go to grandmas --
Mom just had to take a picture!

Tummy Time

Yes I know Im cute:)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who Knew...

I can't believe that summer is officially over for me and that I can't say I did a whole lot yet but I have had my life change so much. I never imagined having a baby would do this to someone. I never knew that in my heart I could love someone the way I do. Its officially here and Im not doing well. Today was the first day of school I have returned back to work and my heart is breaking. I am so greatful to have grandmas tending for most of the week and greatful for the other babysitter I know she will be great. I know so many people do this but I don't see how they do it....

McCrae is 8 weeks old TODAY and we go in for his checkup tomorrow. I am so afraid he isn't growing and I am constantly trying to weigh him. He is now out of his newborn clothes and wearing 0-3 finally-it seemed he wore the same 4 outfits over and over and over again! He first smiled at Grandma Becky when he was 5 weeks old and it was so amazing to see -- he is now smiling all the time you just can't get him to do it consistently. He loves his baths and I love that time too he is so relaxed when he is in the water its so cute. He loves his swing most of the time and he now watches the mobile above his head. He loves his binky and its a weird one I don't know what to do when we loose it, cause I have no idea what brand it is. It is so cute to see how much all his cousins love him -- I can't wait till they all play together. I love spending time with him and just watching him all the time and seeing how much he has changed. He still has tons of hair and most the time its out of control and I hope he doesn't loose it. We still sometimes struggle thru the nights sometimes one night he wakes up only once the next night he wakes up every couple hours, we are still both trying to adjust. No matter what, I still think he is the cutest baby ever and I love him so much. Tomorrow is the first day at the babysitters and Im hoping I can make it!
Who wouldn't wanna wake up to see that!
He reminds me of a little man

Fell asleep in the swing. Hes so precious!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Check it out!!

We had McCrae's pictures done by Sally Sagers who I am so greatful that I met her. She is here in Fillmore and does a great job! She has posted pictures of my baby boy and also lots of other pictures she has taken. If you go check out her blog and leave a comment I could earn a free picture! Make sure to check out all her work though she does all sorts of things and her prices are very reasonable - I know I couldn't be happier!

Thanks Sally for taking the cutest pictures of our precious baby!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

He's Here!

McCrae Nelson Wade
Was born June 24th at 3:10 in the morning. He was 8.5 lbs and 21 1/2 in and has the cutest roundest face and not to mention a head full of hair. I along with almost everyone thinks he looks a lot like his dad. We are so happy to finally have him here and he has been the best baby ever.
I can't believe he will be two weeks old tomorrow time sure does fly. I can't stop looking at him and being amazed at how lucky I am. Thanks to everyone for all their support and friendship and all the gifts and dinner that everyone keeps bringing we couldn't do it without you!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Where does time go? I haven't posted for over a month and it seems like I just posted. The last month has really flown by -- heres what we have been up to. We got to watch Kailyn show her pig and she did so good and looked so cute! I didn't get a good picture with her looking but it looks like she stayed busy. I think the family had fun watching her and all we could think of is how much easier it is to show a pig than a calf. I think next year she better show one of grandpas calfs and make him proud!

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE LAGOON! But I find it not so fun to love when Im 9 months pregnant. The Wades had a little vacation up in Salt Lake the first weekend in June. We attended a Bees game which was probably the longest game I've ever been too going into the 12th inning with the Bees ending up with the win--go BEES! There was a fireworks show afterwards that was really good way better than Delta or Fillmores ever thought of being. But as I watched the fireworks I thought really why do people think this is so neat? Maybe I need an attitude adjustment or maybe I was just really tired. The next day we woke up and went to Lagoon! Woo-HOO! Normally Im acting like a child and can't wait to jump on the red roller coaster first -- well not this time! Greg isn't much of a ride lover so he rode I think maybe 3 rides. The only ride I got on was the train -- we went to see all the stinky animals and empty cages that they have for you to see! I think the rest of the family had a pretty good time especially the kids! The next day we went to the air show. It was pretty neat to see the airplanes that were used in wars and what not -- but all the people...are you kidding me? Where did they come from did they not have somewhere else to be! It was a fun little vacation but when your packing an extra 50 lbs I guess I wasn't the most excited person. Thanks to Gregs family for planning a little get away. While we were in Salt Lake Megan turned 8 -- while we were at Texas Roadhouse she jumped on a saddle and got sung too -- Happy Birthday Meg!

And for all of you that are wondering my due date is not till the 28th! I thought for sure I would have it before the 15th but it doesn't look like thats going to happen. I feel like I have done little things all along to help get him here faster like bouncing around while cutting and raking hay. Obviously hes not ready to be here but hopefully soon. I have gained so much weight its scary and Im starting to feel more and more worthless as I can't bend down or running out of breath if I try to put socks on! Not to mention having like 3 things to wear! Im starting to get even more nervous yet Im so excited at the same time. Still no name has been picked out for the little guy we have a few but are still very undecisive (Ok let me be honest...Greg doesn't say much except yes he likes it or no he doesn't. Then when people ask him what the name is he says we don't know but it will be something uncommon). I want to say thanks for all the gifts everyone has given us we are so prepared now because of them. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive and so excited for us. We are getting way excited too -- everyday Greg says lets get this kid (yes thats what he refers it to) here...and everyday I know that Im getting that much closer for this life changing event to take place.

Might I add that this good looking guy I know GREG learned to bale hay last week and well even though he had no breakdowns or problems and didn't have alot to do, he asked afterwards was that a mistake for me learning to bale...and I said no why would it be a mistake? Silly he will get to do it! Ha ha! I couldn't be more greatful for a man who puts up with my family especially my dad and never complains. I love that Greg loves spending time on the farm and helping out. I now know why us girls all got our husbands could be the ones who were out with dad and not us! Thanks for everything you guys do -- I know I don't thank you enough:)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

I just wanted to say Happy Mothers Day to the greatest mom ever! I hope she had a good day and that she knows how much I love and appreciate her, she really is my best friend. I have two amazing sisters who are great moms as well and I have learned different things from all of them and hope that when this baby comes I can take what I have learned from my 3 great examples and be a good mom myself.

We had the whole family came to our house which was nice since its half way for all of them and we finally have a place that we can all fit in even though the temperature was never right! We had a bbq and then Kristi had brought different kinds of balls to play with outside we had a good time. Well I did and hope they did too! We didn't take any pictures even though we should of, we had an entertainment show put on by the acrobat Danny himself -- where are cameras when we need em!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Big Update!!

So I haven't updated by blog in quite sometime so I thought I would catch up. Well March went by super fast Brynne turned six and we had a little party for her at the roller skating ring. Happy Birthday Brynners! Before we knew it April had come and we were moving out of our little house into the house right next door which isn't a ton better but it has more room which is nice and I have to say that I actually have a bathroom and counter to put my straightner on and not have to use the washing machine as my counter. I also have a seperate laundry room and well no more orange carpet or pink walls! I have to say that everyday I drive past my little old house and get a little sad I think its so cute!! And well thats where my firsts were thats the house we went to after we got married thats where I called home for the last 1 1/2 years, and although people always wondered how we could live there...I did love it and it was home for me. Thanks to Greg's aunt for letting us live there. We are starting to get the hang of living in this other house and although it doesn't quite feel like home its getting there. We have lived here for about a month and its growing on both of us.

Easter was here we got to go do Quality Days which is my favorite thing about Easter time because of the hot dogs although I do have to say this year they didn't taste the same! We went out to the sand dunes with my family and had a good time. I wanted so badly to roll down the sandhill but stopped myself and let Kristi enjoy herself while she tumbled her way down!Greg thought he was pretty neat doing tricks

I think my dad even enjoyed himself!!


My parents bought us a really nice bedroom set and we are just loving it. Greg even said how he had never had anything this nice before. Thanks mom and dad for spoiling us!

Brittyn turned one on April 27th!! She is growing up so fast I can't believe it. We tried having a bbq at the park but got a little rained out so we went to Kristis for cake and presents.

So today was a sad day for me...Our dog Jager died. Greg called me first thing this morning to see if I had seen the dog when I left for work. I told him I hadn't and he said hmm...well its missing. Not thinking much of it until 5 hours later when he called to tell me he seen it on the side of the freeway dead, I bawled. Yes I cried over our dog! I loved this dog. When me and Greg first got married I picked up some random dog from random rodeo thing and it was the worst dog ever well Greg ran over it and although I felt bad I didn't care and I told Greg we are not replacing it....Well because he listens so well a couple weeks later I come home to a new puppy and well he has been the best dog ever! Greg was starting to get frustrated with him and Sox (Greg's other dog) cause they kept running off. Well us living not far from the freeway it was an easy run away for them I guess...I just can't figure out why he had to get hit. I kept telling Greg I didn't think it was him and that he would be home when I got home from work. If Greg left them while he was at work the dogs were always so excited to greet me when I got you guessed he wasn't here today. Well Greg went and got him from the side of the freeway and we buried him here in the back yard. I sure will miss our Jager Meister. Don't listen to the video its embarrassing but I just did it the other day and sent it to Greg cause I felt bad that the dogs had been alone all day. Who loves animals this much...I never knew I did!

As for me and the alien growing inside of me (ok I know its not an alien but I have to tell you that sometimes thats what it feels like) Im now 31 weeks, huge and loving it, and the Dr. even says everything is looking good. We still don't have a name picked out so for all those who think we do Im telling you the truth WE REALLY DON'T. Any suggestions would be nice!

As for people being pregnant...I think I need to congratulate a few of you. First congratulations to my older sister Wendi she is due the first part of October and to Amanda and Teresa. I am so happy for all of you and can't wait that my little guy will have friends all over the place!