Monday, January 19, 2009


I just know how much everyone has missed reading my blog..ha ha, Just teasing! but my sisters have been wondering if Im ever going to post anything again and after my incident of me loosing all my friends and the thought of starting over I really didn't know if I could forgive the blogging industry and come back but as you can see I did.

Not only was December a busy month with getting ready for Christmas I was busy with birthday parties as well. I need to say late Happy Birthdays to Sandy, Kailyn, Mason, Peyton, and most recent here in January, Morgyn. I got to see each one of these guys on their birthdays but I just want them to know that I hope they had a good day and that they know how much I love each one of them.

We had a good christmas. Christmas Eve was spent at Kristi and Danny's then we spent the night at my parents and all of Christmas there with my whole family...and even though on Christmas day I ended up hitch hiking (don't ask!)...all in all it was a good day! Thanks to everyone for all their wonderful presents and to my parents for giving us our wii! We didn't know nights alone could be so entertaining! New Years was spent at the good old Delta paladium where I won $30 and yes I was really happy!

I think this catches up on the last month now to my friends that haven't posted its your turn!