Saturday, June 13, 2009


Where does time go? I haven't posted for over a month and it seems like I just posted. The last month has really flown by -- heres what we have been up to. We got to watch Kailyn show her pig and she did so good and looked so cute! I didn't get a good picture with her looking but it looks like she stayed busy. I think the family had fun watching her and all we could think of is how much easier it is to show a pig than a calf. I think next year she better show one of grandpas calfs and make him proud!

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE LAGOON! But I find it not so fun to love when Im 9 months pregnant. The Wades had a little vacation up in Salt Lake the first weekend in June. We attended a Bees game which was probably the longest game I've ever been too going into the 12th inning with the Bees ending up with the win--go BEES! There was a fireworks show afterwards that was really good way better than Delta or Fillmores ever thought of being. But as I watched the fireworks I thought really why do people think this is so neat? Maybe I need an attitude adjustment or maybe I was just really tired. The next day we woke up and went to Lagoon! Woo-HOO! Normally Im acting like a child and can't wait to jump on the red roller coaster first -- well not this time! Greg isn't much of a ride lover so he rode I think maybe 3 rides. The only ride I got on was the train -- we went to see all the stinky animals and empty cages that they have for you to see! I think the rest of the family had a pretty good time especially the kids! The next day we went to the air show. It was pretty neat to see the airplanes that were used in wars and what not -- but all the people...are you kidding me? Where did they come from did they not have somewhere else to be! It was a fun little vacation but when your packing an extra 50 lbs I guess I wasn't the most excited person. Thanks to Gregs family for planning a little get away. While we were in Salt Lake Megan turned 8 -- while we were at Texas Roadhouse she jumped on a saddle and got sung too -- Happy Birthday Meg!

And for all of you that are wondering my due date is not till the 28th! I thought for sure I would have it before the 15th but it doesn't look like thats going to happen. I feel like I have done little things all along to help get him here faster like bouncing around while cutting and raking hay. Obviously hes not ready to be here but hopefully soon. I have gained so much weight its scary and Im starting to feel more and more worthless as I can't bend down or running out of breath if I try to put socks on! Not to mention having like 3 things to wear! Im starting to get even more nervous yet Im so excited at the same time. Still no name has been picked out for the little guy we have a few but are still very undecisive (Ok let me be honest...Greg doesn't say much except yes he likes it or no he doesn't. Then when people ask him what the name is he says we don't know but it will be something uncommon). I want to say thanks for all the gifts everyone has given us we are so prepared now because of them. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive and so excited for us. We are getting way excited too -- everyday Greg says lets get this kid (yes thats what he refers it to) here...and everyday I know that Im getting that much closer for this life changing event to take place.

Might I add that this good looking guy I know GREG learned to bale hay last week and well even though he had no breakdowns or problems and didn't have alot to do, he asked afterwards was that a mistake for me learning to bale...and I said no why would it be a mistake? Silly he will get to do it! Ha ha! I couldn't be more greatful for a man who puts up with my family especially my dad and never complains. I love that Greg loves spending time on the farm and helping out. I now know why us girls all got our husbands could be the ones who were out with dad and not us! Thanks for everything you guys do -- I know I don't thank you enough:)