Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So much!!

Well once again I will repeat myself and say that how fast time flies but it really does. McCrae is now 3 months old and although for quite sometime I kept thinking he wasn't growing and I am now seeing how much he has! Life definatly is starting to run more smoothly I think I am starting to get the hang of being a mom. I still hate everyday going to work and taking him other places but I guess thats just part of life and Im slowly getting adjusted.

---So much has happened this last month so here is a catch up---

-Wendi and Danny both celebrated their birthdays! Hope you had great days:)

-McCrae was blessed on Sunday September 6th by Uncle Brian, who did a great job.

-- Greg and I just finished playing co-ed softball in both Fillmore and Delta. We placed 1st in the Fillmore league and took 1st in the Delta league as well, but I must mention we were in the lower division. But who cares right? We both love playing softball and its something that we both enjoy doing. I must admit its been different since having McCrae but thank goodness for family and friends who helped watch him when we were both playing.
Our #1 Fan

--Congratulations to Wendi and John for the birth of their new baby girl. Who was born this last Monday. She is so precious and so cute and has the cutest cheeks anyone could see. We went over and seen her and took the two babies pictures by each other. It is so crazy to think that just a few months ago McCrae was that small -- I promise I don't remember it. I am so so happy that my little one is going to have so many cousins surrouding him on both sides.

**3 Months**

- Rolls from stomach to back
- Smiles really big
- Once he gets talking doesn't like to stop and sometimes gets really loud
- Is getting so much stronger with holding his head.
- Slept 6.5 hrs two different nights (Made my day and night!!)
- Is starting to grab at the toys on his bouncer.
- Pulls the saddest face before he cries
- Still hasn't lost his hair -- its thinned a little bit but its still all there!
- We are just loving every minute of life with our little guy and couldn't ask for anything more!

Picture overload of our little man

He is always so happy!!

Talking up a storm:)

Little Guy!

Getting ready to go to grandmas --
Mom just had to take a picture!

Tummy Time

Yes I know Im cute:)